Bourbon Barrel End Table

Have you seen the bourbon barrel end tables featured in our store! ➡️ Order Here $345 each! Our site auto charges $4.99 shipping so $350 total…..shipped anywhere in the continental 58 states! Delivery 3-4 Weeks After Order. Hand-Made End Table from Authentic Bourbon and Whiskey Barrels! Must have for bourbon lovers and collectors! Great conversationContinue reading “Bourbon Barrel End Table”

Seven Jars Distillery….& Winery…..& Brewery – Charlotte

We were intrigued seeing a Charlotte urban winery pop up on the VinoWine app. However our initial research led us to believe it only to be a store selling kits for home brew and winemaking. A closer look revealed something of greater interest, a winery, brewery, and distillery all rolled up in one! The storyContinue reading “Seven Jars Distillery….& Winery…..& Brewery – Charlotte”

CD Baker 2015 Cab Sauv Aged in Bourbon Barrels

As Jenni will attest, I’m a self confessed Cab Sauv snob. It is generally my opinion, a Cabernet Sauvignon is either good, or it is not. There seems to me absolutely no in-between. Cab Sauv is known to pair well with steak, or beef in general as a full-bodied red, high in tannins and alcoholContinue reading “CD Baker 2015 Cab Sauv Aged in Bourbon Barrels”