Bourbon Barrel Select Hard Cider

Bourbon Barrel Select. Kick Ass Hard Cider. Aged 6 months in bourbon barrels. Parker-Binns Vineyard and Winery. Tryon Foothills, North Carolina. Light gold, very clear and brilliant in color. Moderate carbonation with tiny tight bubbles. Complex notes of apple, vanilla, caramel, and coconut on the nose. Semi-dry with moderate mouthfeel and balanced tannins and acidity.Continue reading “Bourbon Barrel Select Hard Cider”

Bourbon Barrel End Table

Have you seen the bourbon barrel end tables featured in our store! ➡️ Order Here $345 each! Our site auto charges $4.99 shipping so $350 total…..shipped anywhere in the continental 58 states! Delivery 3-4 Weeks After Order. Hand-Made End Table from Authentic Bourbon and Whiskey Barrels! Must have for bourbon lovers and collectors! Great conversationContinue reading “Bourbon Barrel End Table”