Meet the Judges: 2020 Palmetto Wine Competition

The Palmetto Wine Competition seeks to promote awareness of the twenty plus commercially licensed wine, mead, and cider producers of South Carolina. This year the competition is to be held at Carter’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Inman, South Carolina.  The 2020 panel consist of eight highly qualified judges from many different sectors of theContinue reading “Meet the Judges: 2020 Palmetto Wine Competition”

The VinoWine App – Sponsor 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition

The VinoWine App was a sponsor for our inaugural competition in 2018, and once again we are proud to announce as a sponsor for the 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition at The Belmont Inn in historic Abbeville, South Carolina. The VinoWine App is our go to Winery Finder for our weekend Winery Escapades. No matter whereContinue reading “The VinoWine App – Sponsor 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition”

Announcing The 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition

Jenni and Dennis Turner of WineryEscapades.Com officially announce the 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition will be held May 7th, 2019 at the historic Belmont Inn in Abbeville, South Carolina. Planning for the 2019 state wine competition is ongoing and further details will soon follow. The 2018 competition awarded 38 medals amongst entries from nine South CarolinaContinue reading “Announcing The 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition”

Think Local: Discover Local Wineries and Purchase Their Wines in the VinoWine App

By Mike Barefoot  September 26, 2017 As the creators of VinoWine, we’re honored and thrilled to have been asked to write as guest bloggers on Winery Escapades! Dennis recently reached out to us asking if we could outline some of VinoWine’s app features and share how we got started on this venture. We were very humbled to learnContinue reading “Think Local: Discover Local Wineries and Purchase Their Wines in the VinoWine App”