The VinoWine App – Sponsor 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition

The VinoWine App was a sponsor for our inaugural competition in 2018, and once again we are proud to announce as a sponsor for the 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition at The Belmont Inn in historic Abbeville, South Carolina.

The VinoWine App is our go to Winery Finder for our weekend Winery Escapades. No matter where you find yourself, the VinoWine App will find all the wineries near your current location. After visiting each winery, just click visited and turn the drop pin green.

Our recent trip to Northern Virginia allowed us the opportunity to meet and enjoy a tasting with co-creator Mike Barefoot. We met at Delaplane Cellars, which is one of Mike’s local favorites. We were thrilled to turn Delaplane green, but know The VinoWine App is much more than a winery finder. For more in-depth info about The VineWine App click the link below to read a guest post Mike wrote for us last year.

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This visit we were more interested in what partners Mike Barefoot and Mike Lawler have planned for the future. We knew that with the creation of their Club Vino, Virginia’s premier wine club, they were issued a Virginia winery license. They have since planted their own vineyard, so Mike said the logical next step was a physical tasting room.

We were thrilled to learn from Mike that their first tasting room will soon open in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. We are familiar with Lynchburg as our son Chris and his wife both attended and met at Liberty University. Lynchburg downtown is historic and very charming, sitting on a hill just above the James River.

The tasting room which should open this summer, is named Reserve by VinoWine. They will be pouring not only their own wines, but also other great Virginia wines personally selected for their Club Vino. The tasting room will be a relaxed though upscale environment.

Club Vino is Virginia’s premier wine club. Mike and Mike hand select the best wines in Virginia and deliver directly to your door each month. Currently the club can ship to Virginia, North Carolina, DC, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and New York. Additional states will be added as the club grows in membership.

We can not thank Mike and Mike, owners of The VinoWine App, Club Vino, and Reserve by VineWine nearly enough for their continued support. Their willingness to sponsor our efforts in promoting the local wine industry in South Carolina, speaks volumes for their character and interest in the local wine industry. We encourage you to download the VinoWine App, and join the Club Vino wine club if shipping is available in your area. We certainly recommend anytime you find yourself in or near Lynchburg, Virginia, treat yourself and stop by the Reserve by VinoWine tasting room! Tell them we sent you!


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