Lullaby – Rusty Nail Winery


Rusty Nail Winery.

Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Lullaby is fermented of Pink Catawba juice sourced from Upstate New York.

Color of rust orange.

Nose of Welches grape juice, watermelon jolly rancher, orange slice candy, and fruit punch.

Sweet on the palate, light body, with medium acidity

Flavor profile of watermelon, fruit punch, cranberry, orange marmalade, and a short tart and somewhat foxy finish.

11% ABV

A solid sweet drinking wine from West Virginia.

If you enjoy sweet wines, this one will please you palate.

It’s a porch pounder perfect for hot summer days!

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 86 points!

Our friends camped through Harvest Host at the Rusty Nail Winery.

Thrilled they thought enough to bring us back a bottle.

The varietal confused us, we knew it wasn’t Vinifera nor Muscadine and felt certain it was a native varietal.

However, the color through us off. We guessed rosé of Norton or a Lambrusco red and white blend.

Due to this confusion, we reached out to Owner/Winemaker Mike Crate.

Mike educated us on Pink Catawba, and we learned a “whole bunch!”

Pink Catawba fruit develops less pigment with a lighter reddish-purplish skin than regular Catawba and thereby imparting a beautiful rosé color to this wine.

Pink Catawba is a cross of Catawba and of another unknown parent grape , though many believe the other parent to be the Vinifera Semillion.

The Rusty Nail Winery is a small family farm vineyard and winery operation, just opened three years ago.

The winery sits a good 45 minutes from the next nearest neighboring winery, so yeah it’s a little out of the way. However, if you find your way traveling Interstate 81 towards Martinsburg, West Virginia, please make a little time and stop in for an enjoyable visit!

They’ve a great story to tell and very interesting wines to taste!


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