Vouvray – La Vigne Des Sablons


La Vigne Des Sablons

Vintage 2018

Produced by Foucher-Lebrun


Product of France 🇫🇷

Loire Valley.

Appellation Vouvray Contrôlée

100% Chenin Blanc fruit. 🍇

Pale lemon in color.

Moderately prominent nose of apricot, pear, banana’s foster, lemon, with white lily floral notes.

Light bodied with high acidity balancing moderately high alcohol.

Semi-sweet (demi-sec) on the tongue with flavor notes of pear, white peach, over-ripe banana, wildflower honey, and a medium finish of lemon and minerality.

12% ABV


This is a very good white wine.

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 89 points.

$14 – 16 a bottle.

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