Biltmore Christmas Wines – Past Four Year Ratings

Each Year End for the Holiday season Biltmore Estate Winery releases a Christmas Red and Christmas White.

As Biltmore wine club members, we’ve been fortunate to taste a bottle of both each of the past four seasons.

We thought it’d be interesting to look back and see just how we rated each release.

Each release is a blend source from many different regions. The bottles feature beautiful Christmas scenes of Biltmore Estate.

As in the early days we were using a 20 point system, these rankings are adjusted accordingly to our current 100 point scale.

Biltmore Christmas Red 2018 – 2021

2021 – 78 points – Bronze Medal

2020 – 85 points – Silver Medal

2019 – 89 points – Silver Medal

2018 – 79 points – Bronze Medal

Biltmore Christmas White 2018 – 2021

2021 – 89 points – Silver Medal

2020 – 88 points – Silver Medal

2019 – 85 points – Silver Medal

2018 – 79 points – Bronze Medal

The Christmas releases for the most part have been fairly consistent.

The Christmas White we have since 2019 scored as a Silver Medal wine. The White release also has annually shown improvement.

The Christmas Red showed promise in 2019 and 2020 having scored at a Silver Medal. However, the 2021 Christmas release scored at a Bronze Medal level.

We get these are seasonal releases that Biltmore visitors buy because of the beautiful and artful Christmas Wine Label.

It’s just that we’ve grown to expect more from Biltmore Winery.

We’ll visit again next year as it’ll be very interesting to get a five year trend.

Merry Christmas and Cheers!

Christmas White
Biltmore Winery
WineryEscapades inside Biltmore Estate at Christmas

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