Virginia Virginia Virginia! Discover NCWine Now!

As I formulate this writing in my mind, I feel it’s important to stress that I intend not to isolate, call out, nor pick on any one individual.

Though as I listened to the recap of the NC Wine Guys zoom presentation of Open That Bottle to kick-off NC Wine Month, this one thought continued to resound in my head.

It was the often mention of Virginia, on a live event intended to promote North Carolina wine! 🍷

Virginia! Virginia! Virginia!

There is nothing wrong with Virginia wine. We enjoy visiting wineries in Northern Virginia.

However, considering from a marketing mindset, does North Carolina wine want to emulate Virginia wine?

In all fairness, it is most certain that no one on the zoom call was really suggesting it. However, with similar certainty, a casual listener may have easily interpreted the comments to suggest just as such.

Plus, most certainly The NC Wine Guys promote #NCWine aggressively and effectively.

We’re just trying to think outside of the barrel so to speak!

To the point, I’d argue that the North Carolina wine industry is best served to chart its own path!

What is unique in regards to the North Carolina wine industry?

1. Six different American Viticulture Areas. Plus, several other wine growing areas which are likely to at some later time be recognized with an AVA designation. One such wine region being the Tryon Foothills.

The only states with more AVA’s are the big three on the West Coast, California, Oregon, and Washington. Texas with eight AVA’s. Two states on the East Coast, one being New York’s’ eleven designated AVA’s mostly in the Finger Lakes or Long Island. Then we have the neighbor, Virginia with eight designated AVA’s. Point being, North Carolina is not just one small fledgling wine region and doesn’t need to take a back seat to Virginia!!

2. North Carolina grows an amazingly diverse array of grape varietals and cultivars. Including traditional European Vinifera, French-American Hybrids, Muscadines, and other Native species.

Vinifera varietals range from the traditional Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot), to Italian (Montepluciano, Nebbiolo), to Greek (Assyrtiko, Aglianico).

French-American Hydrids such as Chambourcin, and Traminette!

Indeed, a wine for every taste!

3. The North Carolina wine industry is still in it’s infancy, yet a long storied history exists!

History like the story of “Tyron Grape” dating back to before prohibition!

North Carolina’s wine regions generally speaking, are indeed still developing. This fact needs to be presented as an opportunity for discovery by all wine lovers from all around and not only just North Carolina natives!

Therefore, this NC Wine Month we make a call to encourage all that appreciate good wine to explore North Carolina’s diverse, developing, ever expanding wine territory!

Discover #NCWine Now!

Cheers! 🍷🍷

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