Social Sparkling Wine

Social Sparkling Wine.

Hibiscus Cucumber.

Beautiful Rosé color.

Extremely pleasant nose of green fruit and cucumber .

Petillant, Crisp, and effervescent.

Fmedium-pronounced notes of cucumber as advertised with hibiscus and other spring floral notes.

Easy drinking at 4% ABV.

The reviews in our household were really good. Somewhat of surprise, nevertheless very impressed!

Can’t wait to try different flavors!

88 calories.


Gluten free.

A woman owned brand…created with a goal to create the “most health conscious alcohol.”


After an unexpected cancer diagnosis at age 26, Leah renewed her commitment to wellness and healed herself holistically. Now six years cancer-free, she has created a revolutionary clean alcohol option.

How could you not love the story? ..and the product is damn good to boot!!

The cleanest alcohol available today.

SOCIAL Gives Back

Since launching in 2013, SOCIAL has donated over $300,000 in-kind to non-profits, grassroots organizations, and other companies that share our mission of bringing people together and empowering one another.

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