The Moments We Celebrate!

We all go through those periods of time in our lives, where life is fast and uber emotional. For us, July 2019 certainly fit that mold.

The month starts off with big Independence Day celebrations, plus Jenni and I both have birthdays in July. We celebrated our birthdays with great friends visiting incredibly fun vineyards and wineries.

These are the moments we celebrate with wine!This July though brought even more incredible life events for us to celebrate. Our youngest son, was in boot camp at Parris Island, and completed the grueling Crucible during the first three days of July. Yes, he became a marine in the 90+ degree days of July.

He graduated boot camp on July 19th. The entire graduation experience on Parris Island was truly unique. We arrived in Beaufort on Wednesday evening and enjoyed a waterfront dinner at Dockside. We had to arrive approximately 6am at Parris Island on Thursday for family day. The Motivational Run (Moto Run) started at 7am.

Parents and families of the new marines line the sides of the main road. First the Marine Corp band gets everyone’s adrenaline flowing. Then each graduating platoon runs by as the crowd cheers for their new marines. This is an event I wish you all could experience. Family day continues with liberty and the next morning is the graduation ceremony. The Parris Island Marine Corp Recruit Depot does an amazing job with the family day and graduation ceremonies.

These are the moments we celebrate with family.

The next week, our son Chris and his lovely wife Lindsay dropped their first single. A contemporary worship song titled This Love. Written by Chris and featuring both singing in beautiful harmony. The song was recorded in the studio at First Baptist in Spartanburg where both work as Contemporary worship leaders.

Click on the link below to listen on YouTube.

This Love by Chris & Lindsay Gregory

These are the moments we celebrate.

One of our goals with is to encourage our friends and neighbors to celebrate life.

So go celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and old friends. Celebrate the life achievements of those who are important in your life. Celebrate your family and celebrate your community. Just embrace those moments and get out and celebrate life’s events! You only live once. Cheers!


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