May and June Winery Escapades In Pictures

In our winery escapade fun we are able to snap some quite interesting pictures with our I-Phone 8 plus. I’ve seriously considered a real camera, but hey some of these are pretty cool! We certainly enjoyed quite a bit of fun.

Pam loves the beauty of KEFI Vineyards! NC Vines are very fruitful.Judges at the 2019 Palmetto Wine Competition.Sometimes we just want a little Shine! Enjoyed a glass at Biltmore wine club lounge. Peach Blueberry Sangria at Mountain Brook Vineyards. Sunsets at Parker-Binns Vineyard. Great fun with our friends Will and Pam. Attending the North Carolina Wine Festival. Loved the Rosé and the View @ Point Lookout Vineyards in Hendersonville. Plus we enjoyed several bottles at home including this 100% Strawberry Wine from Lazy Bear Winery in Easley, South Carolina. So many more but we think you get the picture…..see what I did there! We encourage you to get out and make your own memories at your local winery. Cheers!

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