Favorite Winery Escapade Pictures!

Thought it time for our 3rd installment of our favorite Winery Escapades pictures. So without further ado, let’s have some fun!

Mountain Brook Vineyards Winning Awards. Go Liz!

Pamela’s Impressed by Joey Medaloni’s Business Card……and the wine as well!

Karen Always Rockin’ at Parker-Binns Vineyard!

We’ve Seen Our Share of Rainy Days.

A Few Sunny Days as Well….

Enjoyed Some Beautiful Sunsets!

Will Thinks The Wine is Magical!

Waterfalls and Beaches…

……And Many More Great View’s!

Warmed By The Fireplace….

Saw Some Bright Lights….

Found Some Great Food! Yes That is a 28″ Pizza!

Met Some Really Cool People!

Found Some Cool Wine Bottles!

Some Cool Shots to Close!

Always Great Times With Our Winery Escapades Partners in Wine! Will and Pam – They Keep it Fun!

Jenni and I (Dennis) Remain Thankful for the Support of Our Blog. We Encourage You to Get Out and Support Local Wineries. Let Us Know….We’ll Meet You There. Cheers!

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