Why We Promote Local Wine?

It’s not just a tag line when we say our hobby has turned into an obsession. We so enjoy visiting local and regional vineyards with each other and with our great friends, that we feel inspired to promote the local wine industry as a way to ensure their success and longevity! Bluntly stated, it’s personal. Our ultimate goal is to promote fun times at regional wineries! That’s why we promote #WineLocal.

Our marketing efforts do not stop at blogging, we organize wine competitions to create even greater buzz surrounding our local favorites. The Palmetto Wine Competition focuses on promoting the fledgling commercial wineries in our home state of South Carolina. The Springs Cider, Mead, & Fruit Wine Competition focuses on promotion of local producers whom often times are left out of the local winery discussion.

Through these marketing programs along with our growing consultation efforts, we continue to assist the industry in achieving greater success and reaching increasing numbers of wine enthusiasts.

Please visit our other blog @ OurWineTonight.Com

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