Wine Competition Process

I decided back in July to try and gain a better understanding of what drives our views on our blog. 🍷🍷

This September we will try the formula of consistent content.

I hope we can……lol!!

Tonight’s content could be construed as a bitch session….but maybe it’ll be insightful to some!

August 29th we held the 2022 North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition at The Lodge in Flat Rock. It’s insane how much preparation goes into planning a beverage competition!

First…you have to secure a venue..,a suitable venue for a wine competition. A restaurant doesn’t work…too many smells…can’t be too noisy…..and need ample space!

You have to create the competition rules and the entry forms!

Then you have to invite participants. Though first, you’ve got to research your potential participants. Then, always, you must contact them multiple times…you must create emails that sell your competition!

You’ve got to find and recruit qualified judges!

Got to sell sponsors on supporting you competition!

Many many thanks to our sponsors Beer Law Center of Raleigh and the Van in Black wine tours out of Western North Carolina! 🥂

You’ve got to recruit wine competition stewards to help in pouring and serving the wines to your judges!

This crew was stellar!!

The final scores have to be calculated and averaged!

Write press release to announce the competition results!

Design medals, order medals, deliver and present medals!

Whew…without doubt the above process is so overly simplified!

I write all this to say….a lot of individuals have opinions on how wine competitions should be operated….but those people aren’t putting in all the work and effort mentioned above!

We encourage ideas and suggestions. We have learned a ton and gain very valuable insight from many of our friends!

However…we do the work…so we run the show! Our decisions are final! That may seem harsh, but we feel through our hard work we will earn our success!!

Cheers! 🥂


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