Mead Day 2022

Celebrating Mead Day on Saturday August 6th, 2022!

To celebrate, we opened up the Amarena from Keeper’s Cut Meadery in Marion, North Carolina.

With the North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition being judged on August 29th in Flat Rock, North Carolina, we’d thought it be fun to look back to our 2021 medal presentations!

We delivered medals to Wehrloom Honey and Meadery tasting room in Asheville! I love the picture with the taps in the background!! This tasting room is so cool you must check it out!!

Wehrloom Honey In Asheville

Next we had a fun presentation at Keeper’s Cut Meadery in Marion! We always enjoy visiting and tasting Charlie’s new releases!

Keeper’s Cut Meadery in Marion!

What a great experience we enjoyed presenting medals in the triangle area! First stop in Durham at Honeygirl Meadery!

Honeygirl Meadery in Durham!

Next stop was in the Chatham Beverage District to present medals to Starrlight Meadery. We love this area and can’t wait to visit again! This is our favorite picture from all of our medal presentations ever! How great is this!!

Starrlight Meadery in the Chatham Beverage District

Our final awards presentation was to deliver the Best-in-Show award to Moonjoy Meadery in Lenoir, North Carolina for their Dark Horse mead! Moonjoy Meadery is just such a cool place….an absolute must visit!

Moonjoy Meadery in Lenoir, North Carolina

Get out and celebrate Mead Day tomorrow!

Don’t forget these award-winning Meaderies in South Carolina. Each of the mead-makers at the two below served as judges for the 2021 North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition!

Bee-Town Mead & Cider in Bluffton won Best-in-Show in the 2020 Palmetto Wine Competition.

Bee-Town Mead & Cider in Bluffton SC

Wandering Bard Meadery in Greenville, SC has accumulated many awards from the Palmetto Wine Competition and other national mead competitions across the country! Their tasting room is an awesome gathering place in the fun Hampton Place walking community!

Wandering Bard Meadery in Greenville, SC

Here’s to Mead! The Honey Wine!! 🍯


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