Dynamis Estate Wines Is Open For Excellence!!

Sound the trumpets! 🎺

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Dynamis Estate Wines, North Carolina’s premier luxury winery is open for excellence!! 🍷🍷

Open for reservations starting June 1st!

We enjoyed the Incredible experience to visit before they officially opened to the public. We were blessed with an amazing opportunity to join several big-time wine influencers on a customized tour and tasting at this amazing property in the Swan Creek AVA of North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley!

The event was organized by our friends @ Triangle Around Town and Screw it Wine. Other influencers joining were Authur with Merlot to Muscadine, Dave of Vinosphere, and Natalie of Tarheel Taps and Corks. Our group was stylishly transported in the full luxury of the Van in Black!


Dynamis Estate Wines is officially open for wine!! 🥂

I’ve pondered for two weeks on just how to describe Dynamis Estate Wines. I knew other influencers would mention the luxury branding. The elevated tasting experience! The higher end price points exquisitely reflecting the creativity and passion of the Dynamis team and their strive for a higher quality wine. How the beautiful and stunning private estate spans over 1500 mountain acres. Dynamis Estate Wines can truly be described by all of the above!

However, we wanted to approach our introduction to Dynamis from a different angle. We wanted to look at how it all came to be? In the end, it was a leap of faith and courage!

Faith and courage?

Estate owner Harry Crosby purchased the 1500 acre estate in 2013. He is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Crosby is CEO of Flooring Services LLC. Having much success in business, Crosby has long shown great vision for business endeavors! But a luxury brand winery?

Crosby started planting the estate vineyards shortly after purchasing the historic farm and orchard property. Purposely seeking to enhance the two and a half mile scenic approach up to his mountain top home. The fruit of those early harvest were sold to neighboring wineries.

That’s where we find the courage behind this brand!

Winemakers Matt Worrell and Katy Kidd were working at nearby Raffaldini Vineyards. They recognized the quality of the fruit harvested from the Dynamis property. They dreamed a grand opportunity.

Mr. Crosby had one directive, “I want to invest in a luxury wine brand!”

Kidd explained, “originally, when the vineyard was planted, there wasn’t a plan for the winery. So fruit was sold to neighboring wineries in the area. And we had the opportunity to work with fruit harvested here. And we really saw the quality and just truly came to understand the estate was something special. We just really believed there was unlimited potential!”

Long story short, the two courageously presented an amazing business opportunity to Mr. Crosby. With that, Crosby showed great faith in the team, providing a significant investment to start Dynamis Estate Wines!

Faith and courage! That’s what it took to create something amazing! Something Dynamis!

WooHoo! Swan Creek and Yadkin Valley wine lovers rejoice!

This estate, this brand, this wine, is truly special! A true gem!

Located on the eastern most peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains! The elevation provides a certain competitive advantage over it’s neighboring vineyards of the Swan Creek AVA.

The estate is beautiful!

The service is elegant!

The wine is exceptional!

The Mountain

We respectfully inquired upon the upper end price points for the estate-grown bottles of wine. The top end red blend, a bottle of 2019 The Mountain, sells at $125 a bottle!

Winemaker Matt Worrell stated, “our variety of wines, just based on what the vintage gives us will kind of dictate every year. However, our blends will always be our staple.”

Worrell and co-winemaker Katy Kidd spoke further about the Dynamis name and logo, “The lowercase delta, you’ll see in calculus and chemistry as far as if you’re changing the outcome of a variable or the value of any given variable. And it’s kind of symbolic to making wine on the east coast because that’s what it is, a variable every single year. The weather is super volatile. And it’s never the same, so that’s also interesting. So we kind of like to use it as a symbol and a reminder that you can still overcome almost every single challenge with the right team, the right site, and dedication. And then this also ties into the meaning of Dynamis which is one that is power. And it’s a little funny as with math and chemistry, because that’s a lot of what we do is this organic chemistry and equations, but in the simplest of terms, it could just be representative of d for Dynamis. Yet it does have that deeper meaning and if people don’t want the big story, they can get this, Dynamis is a really nice powerful word!”

OK, but $125 a bottle in North Carolina? Must be the wine diamonds, right?

$125 is the most expensive, for their best blend, The Mountain! However, the estate grown Sauvignon Blanc is aged in traditional concrete vessels and sells at $35 a bottle. We might add, a very clean crisp white wine!

Dynamis Estate Wines

Premium tastings are $55 for a personal elevated tasting experience! Reservations are required.

What’s makes Dynamis special? The grapes are grown at a higher elevation which allows for the fruit to more fully ripen. Great care is taken in the vineyard management! Vineyard Manager Joseph Geller, formerly worked at Trump Winery in Virginia. The winemakers are very experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and creative!

It’s the top of the North Carolina wine chain! The brand oozes elegance! However, Dynamis will ultimately earn it’s reputation by consistently producing real fine wine!

The tasting experience is most certainly elevated to a different level! You’ll enjoy personal attention from tasting room manager Jennie Hess and her associate Cate McDowell, as you learn in depth about the estate vineyards, the brand, and the winemaking process!

North Carolina wine just got elevated!

Blown up! 🚀

Certainly a must North Carolina wine experience! We strongly recommend a visit! Cheers! 🍷🍷

Dynamis Estate Wines
1004 Highland Road
Jonesville, NC 28642



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