Summer in a Bottle – Locklear

Summer in a Bottle.

Charlie T. Locklear Vineyard and Winery.

Maxton, North Carolina.

Locklear is a muscadine vineyard with six acres under vine. The winery focuses on fruit infused muscadine blends and fruit wines.

Love in a a bottle is a blend of 50% blueberry wine and 50% peach wine.

Gorgeous orange pinkish in color.

Nose of peach, with soft aromas that are creamy and nutty.

This wine is sweet. It’s a porch pounder and a beach chugger!

Crisp on the palate, with peach and blueberry notes layered through the profile.

The finish lingers of peaches and cream.

13% ABV.

At 13% I really thought I’d get the alcohol on the tongue, but it isn’t noticeable behind the sweetness. This one will sneak up on you!

This wine would most certainly drink very easy on a hot summer day!

Love in a Bottle

$12 a bottle.

This and other award-winning Locklear Wines can be ordered online through VinoShipper.

Locklear Wines are also available at many retail locations throughout North Carolina.

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