Els Iced Chocolate Wine

Ernie Els Iced Chocolate Wine

Sometimes, you just gotta try it! 🤣

The color is ..,well think YooHoo Chocolate drink!

The nose is …..well think YooHoo with alcohol.

The flavor..,well it’s chocolate! Again, think YooHoo with an alcohol kick!

It isn’t bad, probably excellent to blend with. I’m think a really strong Chocolate Martini, Mudslide, or Chocolate Russian!

I think it also be a great choice to share shots with friends. Serve with a whipped cream topping!

Perfect compliment to morning coffee or evening hot chocolate! ☕️☕️

After all, 14% ABV

Bottom line, this is not porch or dinner drinking wine.

This is a good-time-party with friends kind of enjoying wine!

$12 a bottle at Total Wine & More!

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