Dry Rosé – Biltmore

Dry Rosé

The Winery at Biltmore Estate.

Vintage 2019

Medium pink-orange in color.

Medium bouquet of strawberries , cranberries, fresh sliced watermelon, honeysuckle, white peaches, and rose petals.

Mildly prominent legs, medium acidity, and nice mouthfeel for a rosé.

It’s dry on the tongue though does lend some slight residual sugar.

Medium flavor profile of strawberries, honeysuckle, red cherries, dried cranberries, watermelon jolly rancher, and orange blossom honey.

The finish presents notes of dried red fruit, just not as lingering as we’d prefer.

13.5% ABV.

$17 a bottle.

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 86 points!

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