Strawberry Vanilla Mead

Strawberry Vanilla from Honeygirl Meadery in Durham.

Honey Strawberry Mead with natural flavors.

Style of Melomel. 

Melomel is mead fermented with fruit for added flavors. 

Metheglin style mead is made with spices to enhance the flavor. 

Light amber in color. 

Nose of wildflower honey, yet as the mead opens up more of the strawberry aromas start to surface.

Sweet and aromatic. 

Flavor notes of strawberries and silky vanilla custard with an expressive wildflower honey finish that pleasantly lingers.

Medium mouthfeel with a tongue-pleasing structured body.

12.5% ABV 

This an outstanding example of the extraordinary meads currently being commercially produced. We strongly recommend you try your local Meadery!

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