Prayer for Protection of Yield

Heavenly Father, on this cold blustery evening, we commit to your protection all farms, orchards, and vineyards affected by the raw cutting wind and this blast of cold frigid air.

We implore of you, the one who rules the seasons, to intercede on our behalf, so that the crops remain safe from frost and cold and so find in your favor that the harvest may give plentiful fruit which will allow their stewards to supply the yield which brings abundant needs and joy to the lives of so many.

In your name we pray, Amen.


Published by WineryEscapades.Com

Promoting Fun at Local Wineries It's safe to say our hobby has turned into an obsession. What started as a way to spend time together, has turned into a way of life. Our ultimate goal is to promote fun at local wineries. We love our weekend escapades, invite us to visit and blog about your winery, antique store, b&b, or other destination. We are brand ambassadors, promoting fun at local wineries and our reach is through social media, industry contacts, this website, and most importantly word of mouth. Thank you for visiting our website and reading our blog. Happy Weekend Wining!

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