Sweet Red – Oliver Winery

Sweet Red Wine

Oliver Winery and Vineyards.

Soft Wine Collection.


Red blend dominate of Concord.

Medium nose cherry cola, watermelon, cranberry, and orange blossom honey.

Color is medium ruby..

Light body with medium acidity and low tannins.

Best served lightly chilled.

This wine is sweet.

Medium flavor intensity of cherry cola, raspberry, red plum, pomegranate, strawberry jam, and orange marmalade.

11.5% ABV

$8.50 a bottle.

Oliver Winery

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 85 points.

Generally when we refer to a wine as soft, we mean a low tannin structure. The wine is certainly low in tannins.

I saw some reviews which claimed this wine to not be overly sweet. The label says Sweet Red, and true to form this wine is sweet.

We give credit to the producer, this wine is exactly what they claim it to be.

A sweet soft fruity red wine.

One could make outstanding Sangria from this wine. I go so far as to say this wine is the perfect base for a red wine sangria.

Oliver Winery and Vineyards, Bloomington, Indiana.

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