French-American Hybrid

Pronunciation: SHAM-bore-sin.

Unknown parentage.

Vinifera most similar to would be Pinot Noir.

Chambourcin is teinturier grape, meaning it’s flesh and juice are naturally red-hued. (Most red grapes have white juice and develop their color only from soaking on the red skins)


Produces a deep purple wine.

Medium bodied with crisp acidity and smooth soft tannins.

Herbal aromas and fresh fruit flavors.

Chambourcin wines have shown to bottle age very well for up to ten years.

Developed by Joannes Seyve, a French biochemist and viticulturist.

The grape has been only commercially available since 1963.

It’s fruit is late ripening.

It’s vines can produce high yields. In fact, early cluster thinning is often favored by viticulturist to ensure high quality fruit.

Very tolerant to wet and harsh temperature growing environments.

Cheers to Chambourcin!

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  1. One of our favorite varietals. It grows very well in NC and is great as a stand alone, as well as blended. There are several NC wineries that have outstanding Chambourcin wines.

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