Hardscoop Chocolate Ice Cream and Sorbet

We promised our review of the Hardscoop Ice Cream and Sorbet. 

We first saw the product advertised on Facebook. 

We purchased the Chocolate Ice Cream and the Strawberry Sorbet.

Price each $9.95 per 375mm plastic tub. 

Strawberry Sorbet 9.0 % ABV.

The Strawberry Sorbet had pronounced intense strawberry flavor. Made with real strawberries.

I feel like the sorbet would be perfect on a hot summer day by the pool. Perhaps even blended into a smoothie with your favorite vodka!

A great non-dairy option.

We score the Hardscoop Strawberry Sorbet at 87 points or Silver Medal worthy.

Hardscoop Strawberry

But OMG the Chocolate Ice Cream!!! 

Chocolate Ice Cream 8.1% ABV.

The Chocolate Ice Cream is everything we hoped it would be and more! True silky chocolate flavor with the grain neutral alcohol subtly and pleasantly present on the finish! The alcohol is similar to a top shelf vodka flavor. 

The chocolate ice cream is oh so good, simply decadent and so very worth the $10 price point!

We score the Hardscoop Chocolate Ice Cream at 97 points or Double Gold Medal worthy.

We remain interested to try the peach sorbet and other flavors of ice cream. 

Flavors available at our local Ingles were the Strawberry Sorbet, sadly no Peach Sorbet was available, the Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and a Coffee Flavored Ice Cream.

Check the store locator to find in your area.

Produced by Hardscoop Distillery based in Charleston, South Carolina.

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