Find your Couples Passion!

After another fun Weekend Winery Escapade, I was browsing through our kitchen wine rack.

This is the wine rack we got for free from Wandering Bard Meadery when they were moving from their original location in Mauldin to the current taproom at Hampton Station in Greenville, South Carolina.

The rack was unfinished and I spent a Saturday morning staining it to match our antique dining table.

The rack is secured to the wall….you know to prevent the dogs from knocking it over.

In one quick moment, a bottle slipped and must have hit just right on the bottle below. That bottle below, a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon from CityScape Winery in Pelzer (Greenville County), South Carolina.

OMG what a mess. Red wine everywhere!! So many bottles…their labels…required cleaning.

I know, don’t cry over spilled wine! Yet, losing that bottle got me to thinking about how much I appreciate these bottles. They mean something more, some bigger than just a bottle of wine.

Some of these bottles we never plan to drink….there’s simply a sentimental connection.

Such as this 2015 Chardonnay from The (tiny) Winery at Judd’s Peak in Saluda, North Carolina. This bottle from the last vintage produced before all the vines were uprooted. No chance to get another….

….and some we so look forward to drinking like this 2015 Bourbon Barrel aged CD Baker Cabernet Sauvignon from Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard and Winery.

Some which are very important to us such as this 2015 Meritage from Burntshirt Vineyards and Winery. Meritage was the toast wine at our wedding.


A few that bought at the recommendation of our friend Jeff at Bond Street Wines in downtown Spartanburg

Pinot Noir

Plus many which were medal award winners in our Palmetto Wine Competition.

While these may not be $80 collectible bottles of wine, all are special to us in some way. I know many of you are likely thinking that it’s just a bottle of wine. It may be, just a bottle of wine….

Yet to us it represents our passion. What we do together as a couple. So yeah, just a bottle of wine….but one of OUR bottles of wine!

Our passion as a couple is promoting locally craft produced wines, meads, ciders, beers, and spirits! The fun we enjoy together, as we travel and visit these small businesses all over the Southeast, is immeasurable to the strength of our marriage.

Have you…as a couple… found your Couples Passion?

Winery Escapades

Cheers 🍷🍷


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