September 11 Should Be Federal Holiday.

As we were walking towards the National September 11 Memorial, I felt a sense of uneasiness. Just not knowing what at all to expect. It seemed to take forever to get there, and somehow I feared not being able to find it….but almost all people walking our direction were heading to the 911 Memorial. Our visit was Labor Day 2019.

The reflecting pools are magnificent. The surrounding wall list the names of those who lost their lives. The crowd spreads about the outer walls of the pool. All seeking an up close view. Small American flags highlight many names of those never to be forgotten.

Standing there brings a multitude of emotions. Looking up, to imagine the Twin Towers once standing tall in this very footing. The pain of that day returns. How could it not?

The Museum has areas that doesn’t allow pictures. I will say, seeing the photos of the firefighters who lost their lives was extremely emotional. So many were so young. There were many hero’s that day. We cannot allow their memory to be diminished.

Ladder 3 Photo n Pano

Towards the end of the tour, the escalator takes you down beside “Survivor Stairs.” I somberly imagined the fear of those escaping down those stairs. It’s impossible to imagine the terror.

Survivor Stairs

September 11 has been designated by the U.S. Congress only as a day of Observance, officially known as Patriot’s Day. This is an injustice, not enough and not acceptable.

It is now time that September 11 be fully recognized as a federal holiday. We must always remember. Never forget.

Let us each celebrate this September 11, by doing something nice for a stranger. Just one act of kindness, for one other person. Make a difference this Nine Eleven!

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