Winery Escapades to be Guest Live on The Catlow’s 9/02 5pm

Winery Escapades has been asked to be interviewed live as guest on The Catlow’s. How exciting, right! The live show will air Wednesday September 2nd from 5-6 pm, on Facebook Live. Search for their Facebook page, The Catlow’s, and give them a follow. We’ll also be streaming live on our WineryEscapades Facebook page.

Wow! That was fun! Here’s the link to watch the replay of our appearance!

More on Michael and Katie, The Catlow’s, in just a bit. First, the invitation to join their show asked us for a quick bio. We’ll send the below three sentences.

It’s safe to say our weekend hobby has energized past bud break and blossomed into an ever growing obsession. We strive to increase the awareness of local and regional craft beverage producers through the promotion of our social media and blogs, the marketing of whimsical wine related products, and the organization of regional wine competitions. Follow us at WineryEscapades.Com and on your favorite social media platforms. Cheers.

Now, Katie and Jenni are long-time really good friends. Jenni and I both, have enjoyed the opportunity to follow and know Michael and Katie Catlow. The Catlow’s story is one of love, adventure, and entrepreneurship!

The last time we saw Michael and Katie was to meet for lunch at Biltmore Estate. Our friends immediately rushed out to catch a flight to London, and were later that same evening posting pictures of the famed London Eye ferris wheel. They spent 2019 traveling the world visiting some sixty plus countries in their adventures

The Catlow’s are life enthusiasts. It’s not just what they preach, it’s how they live. So listen in on Wednesday at 5pm, it’s sure to be a tantalizing and passionate discussion on a love for craft wine and a shared zest for life.

After the show, we’ll post a link here to the video of the show. Cheers!


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