Recap: Open That Bottle of Mead!

We were thrilled to host a livestream of Open That Bottle of Mead night! The first ever #OTBM night lasted about one hour on Tuesday evening June 30th, 2020.

Joining Dennis and Jenni of Winery Escapades on the livestream was Dathan and Jen with Triangle Around Town, Mike with Bee Town Mead and Cider in Bluffton, South Carolina, Diane with Honeygirl Meadery in Durham, North Carolina, and Adam with Wandering Bard Meadery in Greenville, South Carolina.

We opened up a mead from each of our award winning guest. The Mead with Wild Blueberry from Bee Town Mead and Cider, the Fig Orange Mead from Honeygirl Meadery, and the Caramel Apple Cyser from Wandering Bard Meadery.

The discussion opens with exploring the potential of mead being the next big thing in the craft beverage movement. The mead makers discuss processes including the use of different honeys and fruits, and flowers, and spices. Their passion shines through in the dialogue for the craft of mead making in general.

Watch the video here. Last about one hour.

Order award winning meads from our participating meaderies at the following links.

Bee Town Mead and Cider.

Honeygirl Meadery

Wandering Bard Meadery.

Thank you supporting our local meaderies. You won’t regret it. Each of these three small craft meaderies are producing many award winning meads!

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