Palmetto Signature Wines 2019

As we gear up once again our planning for the 2020 Palmetto Wine Competition, I was looking over the results from 2019. The Palmetto Signature Wines make up a half case of the highest scoring wines produced entirely from South Carolina fruit and honestly these six were an exceptional collection.

Six Palmetto Signature Wines awarded to the highest scoring wines produced entirely from 100% South Carolina grown fruit. This award is presented in addition to any medal awarded.

1. Dry White Muscadine – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer 2. Carlos – Enoree River Winery, Newberry. 3. Dark Corner Dessert – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest 4. Piedmont Peach – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest 5. Blackberry Wine – Lazy Bear Winery, Easley 6. Elderberry Honey Wine – Island Winery, Hilton Head Island

The Dry White Muscadine from CityScape Winery in Pelzer leads off our Half Case of Palmetto Signature Wines 2019. Dry White Muscadine also won the award for Best Estate Wine. Produced of Carlos Muscadine this wine is expressively aromatic on the nose, dry and crisp on the palate.

Carlos from Enoree River Winery in Newberry is produced of estate grown fruit. This is an incredibly impressive representation of a Carlos Muscadine wine delivering a crisp delicious fruit forward palate.

Wellborn Winery in TR placed two, yes two wines of the six Palmetto Signature Wines. The Dark Corner Dessert wine offers a deep nose expressive of fig and jam with sultry fruit notes on the palate. The Piedmont Peach is another one of the state’s incredible fruit wines with a complex yet beautifully balanced flavor profile.

This Blackberry Wine is just one of the amazing fruit wines produced at Lazy Bear Winery in Easley. We’ve tasted many Blackberry wines and honestly would match this one against any other….true to it’s blackberry profile and masterfully balanced.

The Elderberry Honey Wine from Island Winery in Hilton Head Island is a masterful representation of a mead fermented to more of a wine style. Mead is a honey wine though sometimes can be to a lower ABV to drink more like a beer, that’s not the case here. This honey wine is exceptional with the elderberry blending beautifully into the honey flavor profile.

The Palmetto Wine Competition seeks to promote the commercially licensed wineries of South Carolina. The quality of these award winning Palmetto Signature Wines speaks volumes towards the impressive quality of the vineyards and winemaking in South Carolina. We hope you’ll visit one of these award winning wineries and ask to try the Palmetto Signature Wines!

Cheers, Dennis and Jenni Turner – Organizers of The Palmetto Wine Competition!


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