Wine Club – Parker-Binns Vineyard

We are wine club members at some of our favorite local wineries. Tonight was the second ever wine club pickup party at Parker-Binns Vineyard.

Bob, Karen, and Kelly sure put on a party for their club members. A spread of sandwiches and fruit and crackers with cheese complimented the free flowing bottles of wine. Fellowship was strong as it seems we all know each other at this point. Winemaker Justin Taylor talked about the four included wines and future projects. Included in the this wine club selection is the 2017 Chardonnay, 2017 Petit Manseng, 2015 Reserve Cabernet Franc, and 2017 Dessert Blackberry.

Being a wine club member give you exclusive access to the winemaker and inner workings of your favorite vineyards. Each club works differently, though typically requires a purchase of 3-4 bottles every three months or so and most further offer discounts on any additional wines purchased at the winery.

The commitment is minimal in the sense of what is received in return. We strongly recommend joining the wine club at your favorite local winery. It’s a great way to support local wine. Join the in crowd! You’re not gonna regret this decision.


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