Winery Escapades -Weekend 47

This past weekend was full of fun! We started Friday by trying to locate some fajita seasoning but for some unknown reason the part of the Blue Ridge Parkway we needed to get to was closed. So…. Dennis & I regrouped and decided to go to one of our favorite wineries in Morganton, Belle Nicho. Janet and Bridget are so fun. We had a bottle of the Sweet Dog Red and ended up bringing home 2 additional bottles – a bottle of Sweet Dog Red & a bottle of Catawba.

From there we went to Urban Orchard Cider Co in Asheville. They had GREAT cider as well as some tasty heavy appetizers.

Saturday morning I had to sing at a funeral so we got a little later start that we had planned, but still managed to make to see Shannon at Mercer House Estate Winery. We are working on a couple of projects that involve Shannon so we needed to go see him. We did a tasting there as it had been over a year since we did a tasting there. We brought home a bottle of the Blue Perry and the Bloody Mary (sounds strange I know but it’s really good if you like bloody mary’s!).

We left there and stopped by Hollow Creek Distillery that we just happened to see a sign for on our way to see Shannon. Meredith did our tasting and tour. We bought 3 bottles, 2 for us and one as a gift – 1 Simply Strawberry which is a brandy & 1 bottle of Salted Carmel. The gifted one was also the Simply Strawberry. We left there and went to watch the Carolina / Clemson game with some of Dennis’ buddies.

Sunday after church and lunch, we headed to Parker-Binns to a charity event they were having. The winery partnered with Warming the View for a coat drive. Talk about a small world! We walk in to hand off the coats we had brought to donate and who is there for Warming the View but Lisa Nyberg Moser! She and Dee are best friends! Dennis and I had a good time listening to Champagne Charlie and sharing a bottle of the Pea Ridge Red.

We left Parker-Binns and stopped by Russian Chapel Hills and had a nice visit with Alla, Andre and the dogs.


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