Mercer House Estate Winery-Lexington, SC

Mercer House Estate Winery is a true rural farmstead winery. Producing field blended artisan crafted dry to semi-sweet muscadine blends and fruit wines. Owner and winemaker, Shannon Mercer, utilizes traditional Native American and time honored techniques. An estate winery only uses those grapes which it grows itself.

The tasting room just an old farm building, made cozy by Shannon and his wife Kim. The entire operation is truly a labor of love. The floor of the tasting room is laid over real pennies, each placed by hand by Shannon.

We sat down to enjoy a tasting with Shannon. A couple of ladies had just arrived ahead of us and we were able to catch up.

Our favorites were the Neal Anne, the BluePerry, the Sagaree, and the Bloody Hell Mary, Brought a bottle of the BluePerry and the Bloody Mary home. I mean, Bloody Mary Wine, so unique! Shannon makes the tasting a fun experience as he shares his knowledge of history and wine.

The winery sits on 12 acres and cultivates grapes from five onsite vineyards. A one mile walking nature trail winds the property and is open for winery customers to enjoy. The trail circles past the five vineyards, five scenic ponds and two serene creeks, offering the perfect city get-a-way. Stop by, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the nature trail.

West of Lexington, just minutes outside the city of Columbia. The winery is rural in every sense of the word, and I mean that as a huge compliment. Get out to the country, enjoy some hand crafted artisan wine, and enjoy nature and nature’s bounty at Mercer House Estate Winery. As we always remind, use the VinoWine app for details and directions.

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