Wine Competition Process

I decided back in July to try and gain a better understanding of what drives our views on our blog. 🍷🍷

This September we will try the formula of consistent content.

I hope we can……lol!!

Tonight’s content could be construed as a bitch session….but maybe it’ll be insightful to some!

August 29th we held the 2022 North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition at The Lodge in Flat Rock. It’s insane how much preparation goes into planning a beverage competition!

First…you have to secure a venue..,a suitable venue for a wine competition. A restaurant doesn’t work…too many smells…can’t be too noisy…..and need ample space!

You have to create the competition rules and the entry forms!

Then you have to invite participants. Though first, you’ve got to research your potential participants. Then, always, you must contact them multiple times…you must create emails that sell your competition!

You’ve got to find and recruit qualified judges!

Got to sell sponsors on supporting you competition!

Many many thanks to our sponsors Beer Law Center of Raleigh and the Van in Black wine tours out of Western North Carolina! 🥂

You’ve got to recruit wine competition stewards to help in pouring and serving the wines to your judges!

This crew was stellar!!

The final scores have to be calculated and averaged!

Write press release to announce the competition results!

Design medals, order medals, deliver and present medals!

Whew…without doubt the above process is so overly simplified!

I write all this to say….a lot of individuals have opinions on how wine competitions should be operated….but those people aren’t putting in all the work and effort mentioned above!

We encourage ideas and suggestions. We have learned a ton and gain very valuable insight from many of our friends!

However…we do the work…so we run the show! Our decisions are final! That may seem harsh, but we feel through our hard work we will earn our success!!

Cheers! 🥂


North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition

With the 2022 North Carolina MCF in full preparation mode, we’d thought it be great to look back on the 2021 NCMCF!

If you’ll looking for the entry form for the 2022 North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition please click below.

Check out this video of the 2021 North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition judging and medal presentations!

We’re so thankful for our incredible sponsors!


Mead Day 2022

Celebrating Mead Day on Saturday August 6th, 2022!

To celebrate, we opened up the Amarena from Keeper’s Cut Meadery in Marion, North Carolina.

With the North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition being judged on August 29th in Flat Rock, North Carolina, we’d thought it be fun to look back to our 2021 medal presentations!

We delivered medals to Wehrloom Honey and Meadery tasting room in Asheville! I love the picture with the taps in the background!! This tasting room is so cool you must check it out!!

Wehrloom Honey In Asheville

Next we had a fun presentation at Keeper’s Cut Meadery in Marion! We always enjoy visiting and tasting Charlie’s new releases!

Keeper’s Cut Meadery in Marion!

What a great experience we enjoyed presenting medals in the triangle area! First stop in Durham at Honeygirl Meadery!

Honeygirl Meadery in Durham!

Next stop was in the Chatham Beverage District to present medals to Starrlight Meadery. We love this area and can’t wait to visit again! This is our favorite picture from all of our medal presentations ever! How great is this!!

Starrlight Meadery in the Chatham Beverage District

Our final awards presentation was to deliver the Best-in-Show award to Moonjoy Meadery in Lenoir, North Carolina for their Dark Horse mead! Moonjoy Meadery is just such a cool place….an absolute must visit!

Moonjoy Meadery in Lenoir, North Carolina

Get out and celebrate Mead Day tomorrow!

Don’t forget these award-winning Meaderies in South Carolina. Each of the mead-makers at the two below served as judges for the 2021 North Carolina Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition!

Bee-Town Mead & Cider in Bluffton won Best-in-Show in the 2020 Palmetto Wine Competition.

Bee-Town Mead & Cider in Bluffton SC

Wandering Bard Meadery in Greenville, SC has accumulated many awards from the Palmetto Wine Competition and other national mead competitions across the country! Their tasting room is an awesome gathering place in the fun Hampton Place walking community!

Wandering Bard Meadery in Greenville, SC

Here’s to Mead! The Honey Wine!! 🍯

Prestigious 2022 Palmetto Signature Half-Case

Introducing the 2022 Palmetto Signature Half-Case! 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

Each year, the Palmetto Wine Competition celebrates wines produced in South Carolina.

The Palmetto Signature Half-Case awards the top six highest scoring wines produced solely from fruit harvested in South Carolina!

Grown on South Carolina farms! In South Carolina soil! By South Carolina vineyards and farms!

Produced and bottled in South Carolina wineries!!

The real deal! South Carolina grown, produced, and bottled! 🍇🍾🍷🍷

Without further ado, we present the 2022 Palmetto Signature Half-Case award-winning wines! 🙌

Anchoring our half-case is the 2022 Palmetto Wine Competition award-winning Best Estate grown off-dry Chardonel from Wellborn Winery in the Woods!

Wine: Lily White (Chardonel) Winery: Wellborn Winery in the Woods. Travelers Rest, SC Winemaker: Tony Beninati. Description: Off-Dry estate-grown Chardonel

Wine: Scuppernong – Winery: Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville, SC Winemaker: Donny Lockaby Description – Semi-Sweet wine produced from scuppernong harvested in Hickory Tavern, SC

Wine: Harvest White (Muscadine) – Winery: Island Winery, Hilton Head Island, SC Winemaker: Loren Mortimer Description: Sweet wine produced from 100% South Carolina grown Carlos muscadine!

Wine: Magnolia (Scuppernong) – Winery: Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island, SC Description: Sweet muscadine wine produced from 100% estate-grown twenty-five year old Carlos muscadine.

Wine: Carlos (Muscadine) – Winery: Enoree River Winery, Newberry, SC Winemaker: Laura LaBarre Description: Semi-Sweet muscadine wine produced from 100% estate-grown fifteen year old Carlos muscadine.

Wine: Single Vineyard Dry Chambourcin – Winery: Cityscape Winery, Pelzer, SC Winemaker: Josh Jones Description: Dry Chambourcin harvested from a single vineyard in Belton, SC and barrel aged for 7 months.

Six amazing wines! All grown, produced, and bottled in South Carolina.

How many have you tried?

Tag us @WineryEscapades (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with your selfies while enjoying one of these six amazing South Carolina wines with the hashtag #PalmettoWine.

We are so grateful for our sponsors of the 2022 Palmetto Wine Competition!

The Van in Black, the coolest rides and hands-down most stylish winery tours in the Carolina’s!

Bristow Beverage Law, your go-to beverage law partner in South Carolina!

Our host site The Belmont Inn in historic Abbeville, South Carolina.

Western North Carolina Regional Wine Competition

The French Broad Vignerons are set to host the annual Western North Carolina Regional Wine Competition the weekend of September, 17 and 18.

This competition invites commercial and amateur entries. The first day of the competition with judge vinifera and hybrid wines, with muscadine and fruit wines judged on the following day.

Members of the French Broad Vignerons serve as competition judges. Judges qualifications include certification from the American Wine Society (AWS) and Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET). Seated are members with years of competition judging experience.

Judging Station

Deadline for submitting entries is September 9th.

Commercial and amateur entries incur a fee of $15 for the for wine, and $10 for each wine thereafter. Commercial entries requires two (2) 750 ml bottles or four (4) 350 ml or smaller bottle/can.

Entry form can be accessed on the website of the French Broad Vignerons

As members, Jenni and I were blessed to judge the 2021 competition. We excitedly look forward to the 2022 Western North Carolina Regional Wine Competition.

2021 Western North Carolina Wine Competition

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding entry into this competition. We’ll more than pleased to assist.

Dynamis Estate Wines Is Open For Excellence!!

Sound the trumpets! 🎺

Tell your friends! 📢

Pop those Corks! 🍾

Dynamis Estate Wines, North Carolina’s premier luxury winery is open for excellence!! 🍷🍷

Open for reservations starting June 1st!

We enjoyed the Incredible experience to visit before they officially opened to the public. We were blessed with an amazing opportunity to join several big-time wine influencers on a customized tour and tasting at this amazing property in the Swan Creek AVA of North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley!

The event was organized by our friends @ Triangle Around Town and Screw it Wine. Other influencers joining were Authur with Merlot to Muscadine, Dave of Vinosphere, and Natalie of Tarheel Taps and Corks. Our group was stylishly transported in the full luxury of the Van in Black!


Dynamis Estate Wines is officially open for wine!! 🥂

I’ve pondered for two weeks on just how to describe Dynamis Estate Wines. I knew other influencers would mention the luxury branding. The elevated tasting experience! The higher end price points exquisitely reflecting the creativity and passion of the Dynamis team and their strive for a higher quality wine. How the beautiful and stunning private estate spans over 1500 mountain acres. Dynamis Estate Wines can truly be described by all of the above!

However, we wanted to approach our introduction to Dynamis from a different angle. We wanted to look at how it all came to be? In the end, it was a leap of faith and courage!

Faith and courage?

Estate owner Harry Crosby purchased the 1500 acre estate in 2013. He is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Crosby is CEO of Flooring Services LLC. Having much success in business, Crosby has long shown great vision for business endeavors! But a luxury brand winery?

Crosby started planting the estate vineyards shortly after purchasing the historic farm and orchard property. Purposely seeking to enhance the two and a half mile scenic approach up to his mountain top home. The fruit of those early harvest were sold to neighboring wineries.

That’s where we find the courage behind this brand!

Winemakers Matt Worrell and Katy Kidd were working at nearby Raffaldini Vineyards. They recognized the quality of the fruit harvested from the Dynamis property. They dreamed a grand opportunity.

Mr. Crosby had one directive, “I want to invest in a luxury wine brand!”

Kidd explained, “originally, when the vineyard was planted, there wasn’t a plan for the winery. So fruit was sold to neighboring wineries in the area. And we had the opportunity to work with fruit harvested here. And we really saw the quality and just truly came to understand the estate was something special. We just really believed there was unlimited potential!”

Long story short, the two courageously presented an amazing business opportunity to Mr. Crosby. With that, Crosby showed great faith in the team, providing a significant investment to start Dynamis Estate Wines!

Faith and courage! That’s what it took to create something amazing! Something Dynamis!

WooHoo! Swan Creek and Yadkin Valley wine lovers rejoice!

This estate, this brand, this wine, is truly special! A true gem!

Located on the eastern most peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains! The elevation provides a certain competitive advantage over it’s neighboring vineyards of the Swan Creek AVA.

The estate is beautiful!

The service is elegant!

The wine is exceptional!

The Mountain

We respectfully inquired upon the upper end price points for the estate-grown bottles of wine. The top end red blend, a bottle of 2019 The Mountain, sells at $125 a bottle!

Winemaker Matt Worrell stated, “our variety of wines, just based on what the vintage gives us will kind of dictate every year. However, our blends will always be our staple.”

Worrell and co-winemaker Katy Kidd spoke further about the Dynamis name and logo, “The lowercase delta, you’ll see in calculus and chemistry as far as if you’re changing the outcome of a variable or the value of any given variable. And it’s kind of symbolic to making wine on the east coast because that’s what it is, a variable every single year. The weather is super volatile. And it’s never the same, so that’s also interesting. So we kind of like to use it as a symbol and a reminder that you can still overcome almost every single challenge with the right team, the right site, and dedication. And then this also ties into the meaning of Dynamis which is one that is power. And it’s a little funny as with math and chemistry, because that’s a lot of what we do is this organic chemistry and equations, but in the simplest of terms, it could just be representative of d for Dynamis. Yet it does have that deeper meaning and if people don’t want the big story, they can get this, Dynamis is a really nice powerful word!”

OK, but $125 a bottle in North Carolina? Must be the wine diamonds, right?

$125 is the most expensive, for their best blend, The Mountain! However, the estate grown Sauvignon Blanc is aged in traditional concrete vessels and sells at $35 a bottle. We might add, a very clean crisp white wine!

Dynamis Estate Wines

Premium tastings are $55 for a personal elevated tasting experience! Reservations are required.

What’s makes Dynamis special? The grapes are grown at a higher elevation which allows for the fruit to more fully ripen. Great care is taken in the vineyard management! Vineyard Manager Joseph Geller, formerly worked at Trump Winery in Virginia. The winemakers are very experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and creative!

It’s the top of the North Carolina wine chain! The brand oozes elegance! However, Dynamis will ultimately earn it’s reputation by consistently producing real fine wine!

The tasting experience is most certainly elevated to a different level! You’ll enjoy personal attention from tasting room manager Jennie Hess and her associate Cate McDowell, as you learn in depth about the estate vineyards, the brand, and the winemaking process!

North Carolina wine just got elevated!

Blown up! 🚀

Certainly a must North Carolina wine experience! We strongly recommend a visit! Cheers! 🍷🍷

Dynamis Estate Wines
1004 Highland Road
Jonesville, NC 28642

Awards Announcement – 2022 Palmetto Wine Competition

The 2022 Palmetto Wine Competition was judged May 7th at The Belmont Inn in historic Abbeville, South Carolina. The Palmetto Wine Competition serves to increase exposure for commercially licensed wineries in South Carolina.

The event is made possible by our generous and supportive sponsors, Van in Black, Bristow Beverage Law, and the Belmont Inn.

Van in Black and Greenville Wine Tours are your go to luxurious and coolest tour provider for winery, meadery, cidery, and brewery tours! Ride in style with your friends for amazing fun tours as the Van in Black safely handles your transportation needs!

Brook at Bristow Beverage Law is the go to beverage attorney in South Carolina! Bristow Beverage Law will keep you in compliance and assist in protecting your intellectual property. Brook Bristow truly cares for the local beverage industry. It’s not just a law practice, it’s a full on extraordinary passion at Bristow Beverage Law!

The charming Belmont Inn located on the brick paved square of historic Abbeville, South Carolina serves as the home to the Palmetto Wine Competition. We encourage you to stay for a long weekend at the Belmont Inn and fall in love with this well preserved slice of South Carolina history!

Without doubt this year we sat our most qualified and discerning panel of judges. They were tough on our 63 entries, really focusing in on the characteristics of each wine. The judges included two American Wine Society certified judges each with previous experience judging Wines of the South and Asheville Wine Competition. Two WSET Level 2 judges who work at a prominent North Carolina winery. The proprietor and the manager of Bond Street Wines in Spartanburg. Finally, two regional wine experts with years of experience judging the Palmetto Wine Competition.

Our Best-in-Show winner this year is a truly an unique wine. This wine produced from a French-American hybrid grape created at the University of Minnesota for cold-hardy growth. The juice was purchased from New York and this small batch is the first of this varietal commercially produced in South Carolina.

Best in Show and Double Gold: La Crescent – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Best Estate Grown Wine: Lily White – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Our Prestigious Palmetto Signature Half-Case awards the top six scoring wines produced from fruit one-hundred percent grown in South Carolina. This award celebrates South Carolina’s local wineries and farmers!

Prestigious Palmetto Signature Half Case:

Scuppernong – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Harvest White (Muscadine) – Island Winery, Hilton Head Island

Lily White (Chardonel) – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Magnolia (Scuppernong) – Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

Carlos (Muscadine) – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Single Vineyard Dry Chambourcin – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Best Cider: Lemon Ginger – Fat Ass Heifer Cidery, Campobello

Best Mead: Mead with Sour Cherry – Bee-Town Mead and Cider, Bluffton

Best Fruit Wine: Blackberry – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Best Muscadine: Magnolia (Scuppernong) – Deep Water Vineyards, Wadmalaw Island (Charleston)

Best Vinifera: Petite Sirah Reserve – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Gold Medal Winners: Peggy’s Chocolate Cherry Decadence – Old Rock Quarry Winery, Enoree

Lemon Ginger Cider – Fat Ass Heifer Cidery, Campobello

Winemaker’s Reserve Petite Sirah – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Guava Chipotle Cider – Ships Wheel Hard Cider, North Charleston

Mead with Sour Cherry – Bee-Town Mead and Cider, Bluffton

Silver Medal Winners:

Coffee Delight – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Rosé Cider – Ships Wheel Hard Cider, Pelzer

Pineapple Cider – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Lily White – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Magnolia (Scuppernong) – Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

Carlos – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Single Vineyard Dry Chambourcin – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Black Spanish – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Harvest White – Island Winery, Hilton Head Island

Apricot Honey Wine – Island Winery, Hilton Head Island

Mitchell (Muscadine) – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Raspberry White Zin – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Crazy ‘bout Caramel – Old Rock Quarry Winery, Pelzer

Primitive – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Gamay Noir – Old Rock Quarry Winery, Enoree

Blackberry – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Just Peachy – Cartersville Country Winery, Timmonsville

Pomegranate Pinot Noir – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Purist – Bears Bluff Meadery @ Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

White Muscadine – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Pinot Noir – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Oasis – Bears Bluff Meadery @ Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

Blackberry Breeze – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Scuppernong – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Bronze Medal Winners:

Mead with Fig & Creamsicle – Bee-Town Mead and Cider, Bluffton

Red Clay Rosé – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Pomegranate – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Upstate Blush – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Mead with Wild Blueberry Whiskey Barrel Conditioned – Bee-Town Mead and Cider, Bluffton

Sangiovese – Island Winery, Hilton Head Island

Pumpkin Potion – Old Rock Quarry Winery, Enoree

Sea Island White – Island Winery, Hilton Head Island

Maggie May – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Raspea – Old Rock Quarry Winery, Enoree

Perfectly Peach – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Mush Creek Mead – Wellborn Winery, Travelers Rest

Hopped Cider – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Dry Hopped Cider – Ships Wheel Hard Cider, North Charleston

Apple Pie Riesling – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Pomegranate – Cartersville Country Winery, Timmonsville

Sea Island Red – Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

Cabernet Sauvignon – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Zinfandel – Elevation 966 Winery, Greenville

Wolf Moon – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Winter Blues – Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

Berry Berry Licous – Enoree River Winery, Newberry

Marquette – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Blackberry Merlot – Cityscape Winery, Pelzer

Chardonnay – South Bend Winery, Greenwood

Bourbon Barrel Merlot – Old Rock Quarry Winery, Enoree

Fortitude- Bears Bluff Meadery @ Deep Water Vineyard, Wadmalaw Island

Rum Barrel Gold – Ships Wheel Hard Cider, North Charleston

Horned E Heifer – Fat Ass Heifer Cidery, Campobello

It remains our pleasure to organize and host the Palmetto Wine Competition. We applaud all award-winners in the 2022 Palmetto Wine Competition.

Cheers to South Carolina wine!

JenNis Beverage Marketing

Who is JenNis Beverage Marketing?

We are Dennis and Jenni Turner. Dennis is certified at WSET Level 2 and a BJCP certified Hard Cider & Mead judge. Jenni is a full-time creative marketing professional! We are both professionally trained in wine faults. We both are long-standing members of the French Broad Vignerons and both experienced wine competition judges. Together having judged the Asheville Wine Competition, Western North Carolina Wine Competition, and the American Sangria Competition, among several other regional competitions. Each year we taste in excess of 1,000 different wines!

What we do?

We organize beverage competitions! We plan, organize, market, and execute specialty focused wine and beverage competitions with the optimal goal to create organic and dynamic exposure for our participating producers! Since 2016!

We blog! Our blog can be found at WineryEscapades.Com. We blog about our visits to wineries and review individual wines which we enjoy each week.

We build communities! We build specialized communities. Join our Facebook groups……..Drink Local North Carolina……and Drink Local South Carolina!

We are a full pour creative team whose strength is generating organic and dynamic exposure for our participating partners. Our branded competitions are designed to generate an instrument for creating an organic buzz!

Let’s connect!

Weekend April 22-24

It was a full weekend for sure. Friday evening we dined at the CARO-Mi Dining Room in Tryon and afterwards enjoyed an amazing Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir at Bodega Noir in Landrum. Bodega Noir is quickly becoming one of favorite hangouts!

Bodega Nior

Saturday we enjoyed the Pig Pickin celebration at Parker-Binns Vineyard and Winery and afterward a bottle at The Red Horse Inn in Lundrum to watch the amazing sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Parker-Binns Vineyard
Red Horse Inn

Sunday we visited newly opened Souther Williams Vineyard in Fletcher for chocolate and wine pairing. Shopped for plants and antiques before finishing our evening at elevation966winery in Greenville. We followed that with dinner at @HomeTeamBBQ of Greenville!

Souther Williams Vineyard

Really a shame our weekends must end, but onward we press. Just two weeks until the 2022 Palmetto Wine Competition! 🍷🍷